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Big Data - Real Time

Who We Are
A Team Passionate About Technology

Our team comprised of people who have been in the telecom industry more than 15 years each.
We are highly organized self motivated innovative individuals seeking perfection everyday.

We specialize in

  • High performance resilient transaction based applications
  • Highly integrated Web sites & services
  • iOS and Android mobile applications
  • MS SQL distributed applications
  • Realtime data analysis and charts


We utilize Agile Project Management standards like Scrum to constantly improve our time to market and our development processes.


We are here every step of the way. From the initial orientation to everyday task, we are hear to help. We not only support you with what we offer but also work with you to customize our software to your needs.

15 billion

Minutes annually. 50 million call attempts per day

72 tb

Packet captures per year

50 tb

CDR info stored per year


Invoices delivered

  • To 11 different time zones
  • Across 44 countries


Wholesale/Resale Platform

  • Combines wholesale tandem and resell services under one application. Backend servers and services are maintained by specialized team members. Freeing our platform customers from the worries of infrastructure and let them concentrate on what makes them money
  • Allowing use of customized code sets for both customers and providers within the system without needing to compile to take advantage of rates entered into the system
  • Bilateral module - allowing of swapping traffic based on minute and/or amount commitments. Ability to retroactively changing bilateral rates
  • Real time charts for all system objects (Switches, Customers, Providers, Customer Trunks, Provider Trunks, Countries, Regions , etc.)
  • Realtime completion reports (ACD, ASR, Minutes)
  • Realtime credit monitoring and auto shutoff of accounts when credit limits are hit
  • Account Module - Seamless MS Greatplains and Quickbooks accounting integration
  • Real time commission calculations for customer and provider representatives. Choose from multiple commissioning structures
  • AtoZ products - Auto managing of Customers who are assigned to AtoZ offers
  • Tracking of all customer and provider contract terms and credits. Including rate increase , decrease notification and effective dates. Auto alerting at import time if any of the terms are being violated.
  • Ability to auto offset an entities buy and sell contracts
  • Invoicing - Auto creation and delivery of invoices with options to automatically upload CDRs for the invoice to a FTP site for customer reconciliation
  • Ability to create routing exceptions for a ANI or DNIS per system or per customer
  • Secure iPhone, iPad access for customer and provider representatives to the system monitor their clients anywhere in the world
  • Distributed load balancing routing architecture to eliminate single point of of failure
  • Online access to historical data up to 5 years.
  • Ability to create custom routes per customer via Allow and Block lists.
  • Topology hiding to protect your customers and providers from prying eyes.
  • Ability to set time zone per customer-provider
  • Time of day routing with customizable peak/off-peak times per customer/provider
  • Ability pull wireshark captures for every single call via front end application One management console to handle everything.
  • All transactions to system are 100% Audited with timestamp,user login , host ip , host name etc.
  • Terminal Client access for system users anywhere in the world via Mac or Windows Workstation.
  • 100% accountability. If a call is connected in our system , it will be on an invoice Guaranteed!!!
  • Deployed in two geographically diverse sites (Miami, USA and Toronto, Canada) on full BGP redundant backbone networks.
  • Trouble ticket - Management TT directly from within your console application. Trouble tickets are answered from the system ,not by individuals. Alerts on open tickets after set amount of time. Auto escalation and NOC manager alerts.
  • Auto reconciliation of provider invoices.
  • Multi currency support

Platform as service

  • We offer full turn key solutions to our platform customers and yet still work with them to customize and further develop the platform to their needs
  • Pay only for the ports you use


  • Centralized packet capture at core of the network via port monitoring and customized scripts
  • Ability to search captures via web interface for a specific sip call-id, source ip, destination ip, etc.
  • Auto archiving and pruning of data files to manage storage
  • Ability to integrate with your own programs via web-service API


  • Full featured SMS platform
  • High capacity bindings
  • Multiple bindings per provider. Load balancing between bindings
  • Invoicing - auto creation and delivery of invoices
  • Real time charts for submits and DLRs
  • Alarms on binding congestion, low DLR performance and binding bounces
  • Multi currency support
  • Full wireshark capture of SMS messages for trouble shooting

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